My life took an interesting turn at 30… laid off from work, I was back in college, and I happened to stumble upon a Krav Maga seminar. That fateful day led to a newly found interest in running, and each new milestone begs the question “how far can I run?” It was very difficult at first. Each hard run or Krav Maga class would send me into a mild asthma attack (the reason I hated track & field in High School). But, I enjoyed Krav Maga so much that I just kept plugging away, and eventually noticed that the asthma attacks were getting further and further apart. My lungs were getting strong, just as my muscles were. Now, I AM a runner.

This experience led me to question my long-held belief that you should be what comes naturally and easy to you… science and math were difficult subjects for me in school, so I avoided them as much as possible, much as I did running. However, there has been an excitement building within me over the past couple of years towards science, and now I wonder, can I be what I thought I was not? I see everything now as simply a conglomeration of building blocks. If you establish a strong enough foundation, you can build as large as you want. Just as with my running – take the necessary time to build a strong foundation, then build yourself into something great. Maybe not great as compared to Einstein or Paula Radcliffe, but certainly greater than anything ever thought achievable before. It’s hard, yes. But, if it were easy everyone would do it. And THAT is what sets the greats apart from everyone else – the desire to be MORE.

So, this is my story in progress, my struggle to be more than I am.