Inquiring minds want to know…

Well, maybe not minds, but at least ONE curious cat wonders…. if an asthmatic can become a marathoner, can an artist become a mathemetician??? Granted, I’m not quite yet a marathoner, but training is progressing incredibly well, and I’m right on track to run my first half marathon – The Hottest Half – in one month’s time. And it’s not so much that I want to be a mathemetician, but rather an engineer.

My frame of mind is working towards genius, pure and simple. ┬áThe inspiration is embedded within. I will work harder than I ever have to realize my potential. My milestones will be marked not only by my steady footfalls, but by my steady progress in mathematics and science. My “weakness” shall become my strength!

How can I even know if math & science IS even a weakness? I’ve never applied myself to it. Most of my life, especially in education, has followed the path of least resistance. Running has been a revelation to me in this respect. Until I began running, at the age of 30, I believed I could never be a runner. I blamed it on a few things, asthma chiefly among them. It wasn’t until I began truly applying myself to running and built up my lungs that I learned that this “weakness” was a strength all along…. it just took a willingness to apply myself fully -1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.

The plan? Spend the next 2 – 3 years (the time it will take for my husband to finish his degree) re-wiring my brain, building and strengthening synaptic connections, teaching myself math, and preparing for a strenuous course load that will lead me towards a degree that will allow me to rise within the company I work for and become MORE than I am.

Can I do it? I would say only God knows, but I tend to side with Henry Ford, who said “whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” What I do know is this: even if I am the only one that does, I BELIEVE IN MYSELF.