Sound Logic

by The Inspired Perspirer

While my focus of studies was on Multimedia Publishing (which basically means I gained proficiency with the full Adobe Creative Suite, learned a little coding, and honed my talent at making things “pretty”), my degree actually reads “Software Engineering”. So, as part of this program, I was required to take certain classes that I may never have taken otherwise (as per the usual, of course). Among these was Programming Logic And Design. I actually found this class to be quite stimulating and fun. I was introduced to logic puzzles which started out easy and grew progressively more challenging. I enjoyed the challenge and found the work to be on the side of meditative. It was a fitting counter-weight to the maniacal frustrations of my artistic endeavours. Libra ever seeks balance.

So, in my quest to increase and expand the analytical functioning qualities of my grey matter, I have returned to those puzzles. So far this week, I’ve done a handful of them in the evenings after supper, and though the first one was a bit of a bender, they seem to already be getting easier for me. I am making connections more quickly the more I relax and find that logic puzzles pair well with wine. Glass in one hand, the other on my trackpad, I relax as my mind whirl-whirl-whirl-whirls along with the steady white-noise thrumming rhythm of the fan, spinning out solutions even as my eyelids droop from want of sleep.